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6 Reasons Why All Feedback is Important

No matter where you are or what you are doing, you will most likely receive some feedback. Whether it’s direct, nonverbal, positive or negative, feedback is a good thing! Here are 6 reasons why any and all feedback is important:

  1. The best way to measure overall satisfaction

If there was no way for others to provide their input, you would never know if they were satisfied with your performance. Companies always want their clients to be satisfied with their performance so that they continue to come back for other projects. If the client was unsatisfied and had no way to communicate that, you wouldn’t have a chance to resolve issues and/or redeem yourself.

  1. Provides insight on what can be changed

No matter how well done, every project or presentation can be improved upon. Feedback allows you to see what can be changed so that your performance can be taken to the next level.

  1. Boosts motivation and confidence

Feedback does not always have to point out what could be better. It can also provide insight into things that are working perfectly. Positive feedback often shows what you are excelling at and when it is pointed out to you, it motivates you to continue with what you are doing and makes you feel like you can accomplish other projects with the same confidence.

  1. Shows strengths and weaknesses

Your strengths and weaknesses are something that you should always be aware of. When you know what you do well and what you can improve upon, then you can be more cognizant of your ability. When you’re starting a new project, taking your strengths and weaknesses into account should help you stay focused. It can also help you determine whether you need to bring someone new on board who can fill certain voids.

  1. Shows that you value other people’s opinions

When you ask for feedback, it shows that you value the opinion of others. It shows that you are trying to improve your skills to become better. People generally respond well to being asked to give feedback because they feel like their opinion matters.

  1. Improves your overall skills

By accepting feedback and not dismissing it, you open yourself to improvement. When people provide feedback, use it as an opportunity to listen and grow.

Can you think of other reasons why feedback is important? Tell us in the comments below!

Making Customers Feel Valued Through Engagement on Social Media

The key to having a successful brand on social media (and offline, too) is not just to have a large volume of customers, but to have customers who feel valued. There are many ways you can do this, but this blog post will focus on one of the easiest—engagement.



First, we should discuss what you have to gain from engaging your customers on social media:

  • Customers feel acknowledged and validated about their concerns or compliments.
  • It tells them that you are listening, and that their business is important to you.
  • It encourages them to share their positive experience with your brand with others.
  • Resulting one-on-one relationships can potentially be leveraged to expand your audience in the future.
  • Most importantly, engagement encourages brand loyalty from your customers.

Compare it to a retail situation – if you enter a store and none of the employees acknowledge you, do you feel valued? Are you inclined to spend your money there? Probably not. Whereas you likely enjoy visiting stores in which employees are always friendly, and you will gladly give them your business—you might even tell your friends about the great experience you have there.

Now that you know the importance of engaging your customers on social media, here are some ways to do it:

  • Like, favorite, share, comment on or retweet their content.
  • Respond to all legitimate mentions of your product/services/brand across social networks.
  • Promote great content from your audience, such as on topic blog posts.

What other ways can you think of to effectively engage with your customers? What has worked for you? Let us know in the comments!