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3 Reasons to Intern at a Small Agency

Six months ago when I graduated from college I felt what (I assume) every recent college graduate feels: excitement, fear, nostalgia, enthusiasm, along with every other emotion under the sun. I had finally gotten the piece of paper that I spent the past four years striving for and stressing over. I moved the tassel to the left and drove away from campus for the last time as a student, and of course then came the big question. Now what? I immediately started to search for the first position I would hold as a college graduate and soon after I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to intern at Yearick-Millea. I could not have asked for a better experience over the past few months. I have learned more during the duration of my internship than I ever would have thought possible and while other types of organizations have there benefits as well, I believe that interns get the most valuable experiences out of working for small agencies. There are many reasons why interning at a small agency is better than interning at a large corporation but listed below are the top 3 reasons.

  1. Flexibility

Working for a small agency also really allows for flexibility and for new ideas to always be brought to the table, which of course, is vitally important for an industry that is constantly evolving. It also really allows interns to gain the experience that would otherwise not be given to them. This flexibility allows for interns to be given more responsibility and they are able to see what a real work environment feels like.

2.  Learn More

When interning at a small agency, you are going to learn a lot more than at a large corporation. Not only will you get the chance to fulfill the duties that fall under your intern title, but you also get the opportunity to branch out and complete other assignments that will be something new and exciting. As an intern, learning as much as you can during the time of your internship is very important. Your internships are supposed to allow you to gain experience so that when you enter the job market you have a vast knowledge of what is going on around you with minimal additional training.

3.  Well Rounded

In a small agency, it is very difficult for one person to just wear their assigned hat. Each person does some things that reach above and beyond their given responsibilities. By being able to perform any task that is given to your company, you become a better-rounded individual, then once your internship is over you have a vast variety of skills that make you a better candidate for any position.


What other reasons can you think of to intern at a small agency? Let us know in the comments!

PR for Small Business: When Is It Time to Call-in The Experts?

When is it time for a small business to call in a public relations professional? Typically, the answer depends on factors such as your current workload, responsibilities, priorities and your company’s overall level of expertise in that arena.  Here are a few common scenarios for small businesses that don’t have a dedicated marketing or public relations function:

  • Your company is set to introduce a new product line.
  • It’s time to open a new store or manufacturing facility in your town and you need to inform the local community.
  • You are in-charge of a trade show presentation and need help creating a display and attracting prospects to your booth.

Now, here are a few questions: Do you or someone on your staff know how to make all the arrangements for a trade show, including reserving space, coordinating panel copy and design, ordering on-site labor or collecting sales leads? Do you have the media contacts necessary to arrange coverage of your company’s trade show presence, product rollout or grand opening? Are you confident in your ability to write a press release, follow-up with reporters or draft associated content for your website, printed literature and other outbound messaging?  If not, it could be time to reach out to the experts.

For many public relations firms and practitioners, the situations I’ve mentioned are their bread and butter. Leaving that type of work to an experienced firm or practitioner not only saves you time and stress, but typically leads to better results, greater awareness and more sales or traffic at your store or trade show booth.

Almost every city has a community of small PR firms and individual practitioners ready to help your business make a splash for fees that fit comfortably within your budget.  Few people would consider handling a legal issue for their company without outside expertise.  There’s no need to do so with your next trade show, product roll-out or grand opening, either.  For help, simply search the internet for PR firms in your city or visit the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) website.  There’s sure to be a good fit for your business.

Tips for Recent Public Relations and Communications Grads

Congratulations to all recent college graduates! It’s quite an accomplishment. Getting that first job, especially in the PR and communications industry, can be quite a challenge though. It’s competitive. Working at an agency, such as Yearick-Millea, is one of the best ways to learn all aspects of the business because of the variety of clients and the different types of projects, from media relations and crisis communications to internal communications and social media. An agency is a great start to a career for any recent college graduate, and today we provide a few tips, both general and specific, on how to land your first full-time position:

Network: Attend local industry functions. The PR and communications industry is relationship-driven, so the more people you meet, the better your chances of meeting someone who can benefit you throughout your personal and professional career. In fact, search for a mentor. By having someone in your life who can give you honest feedback regarding your strengths and weaknesses, you will always be prepared for your next career challenge.
Develop Your Skills: Your writing skills are probably your most valuable asset. Every aspect of a career in the industry thrives on good writing skills for creating good content to support communications plans. Sharpen your writing skills through blog writing and frequent reading (through a variety of media: social networks, newspapers, magazines).
Show Professionalism: Now that you’re out of college, developing skills to interact with all types of people at all levels of management is essential to working at an agency. If you’ve landed an interview, make a good presentation of yourself by dressing appropriately and providing thank-you notes following your interviews.

Agencies like Yearick-Millea are always eager for passionate and motivated young professionals. If you’re ever interested in learning more about what goes on at Yearick-Millea on a day-to-day basis, please reach out to us at info@yearick-millea.com to learn about any upcoming internship opportunities.