A Thanksgiving Thank You

In 1621, the Pilgrims gathered in Plymouth, Massachusetts, with members of the native Wamapanoag tribe to celebrate and give thanks for that fall’s bountiful harvest.

Tomorrow, as we convene with family and friends to share the generous blessings bestowed on us, the staff at Yearick-Millea wishes to express its gratitude to all who have made our good fortunes possible, from our husbands, wives, and moms and dads, to our dedicated vendors and suppliers, and, of course, the extraordinarily loyal and talented friends we have the privilege of serving as clients.

We also are grateful to the countless people who will volunteer their time and labor tomorrow and throughout the year to food kitchens, shelters and other charitable activities, and to the thousands of military service members around the world who are sacrificing time with their loved ones to make sure we have the freedom to be with ours.

Together with the Pilgrims and Native Americans assembled on the shores of Massachusetts nearly 500 years ago, these individuals represent the best of an American spirit that was born a century-and-a-half before the Founding Fathers signed our country into existence.

To all of them and to all of you, we say, “Thank you.”

Do you have someone you’d like to thank or acknowledge?  If so, we’d really like to hear from you.  Please do so here.

Our Favorite Pittsburgh Things—Carriage Rides

What fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh—at least that’s what they say! Now that the holidays are right around the corner, downtown Pittsburgh visitors can experience something close—horse-drawn carriage rides through the city, one of our favorite Pittsburgh things.

Beginning during the 54th annual Light-Up Night this Friday, Nov. 21, city visitors can experience downtown Pittsburgh in a mode of truly festive transportation. Free carriage rides depart from One Oxford Centre on Light-Up Night and Saturdays through Dec. 20. Visitors can pick up tickets for their ride around the block at the Fourth Avenue entrance.

Rides taking visitors through Market Square also are offered at the Fourth Avenue side of PPG Place Plaza on Light-Up Night, Black Friday and Saturdays through Dec. 20.

Whether you come into the city just to enjoy a carriage ride or you’re taking a break from shopping, you can sit back, relax and take a picturesque ride through our pretty city!

We’re ready for the holiday fun! How about you?

Four Tips to Help with Time Management & Multitasking

Professionals in the marketing industry often have multiple client projects going on simultaneously. But how do you ensure that each project is getting the attention it deserves? Many people try to multitask, and while that can help you tackle several things at once, it also can set you back if you don’t approach it correctly.

Here are a few multitasking and time management tips for your consideration:

  1. Lists—Keeping to-do and priority lists is a great way to stay organized and in-tune with what you have to work on each day. Each morning, craft a to-do list and prioritize the items on that list. You can always rearrange the order of your tasks if something more important comes along, but make sure to keep your list visible (and not under the stack of papers on your desk). Don’t forget about the best part—crossing off your tasks when you’ve completed them!
  1. Planners/Calendars—You can benefit from dedicating blocks of time to work on specific projects, such as monitoring social media from 8 to 9 a.m. and writing a press release from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Planners and calendars can help you keep track of that time, as well as other appointments, meetings or calls you have on your schedule. Whether you keep a physical or digital planner, have it handy. Digital apps, like the new Google Calendar, also can be useful. If you have trouble remembering appointments, set reminder alerts and alarms at different intervals to help you keep track of time and to ensure you’ll make your meeting.
  1. Focus—If you’re not focused, it’s going to be hard to complete anything on your list. Avoid working on more than two tasks at a time and find two things that you can easily toggle between. If you have a conference call and can pay attention while adding postage to your company’s Christmas cards, go for it, but if you’re trying to write an important case study, you might not be able to listen and write at the same time. Once you’ve finished with one of your two tasks, allow yourself to move on to another. Email is a big source of distraction. Turn off pop-up notifications and try to sift through/respond to emails every half hour or hour instead of right when they come in (unless it’s an urgent matter). You can flag important emails to remind yourself to send a response later. Similarly, limit the number of open tabs/windows on your Internet browser or computer screen. When you’re finished with a page, close it or bookmark it for later.
  1. Ask for Help—If you simply have too much on your plate, reach out to co-workers who can help you tackle some items on that extensive to-do list. Don’t expect them to complete your most time-consuming and challenging tasks, rather see if they can help you knock out some smaller projects when they have a bit of free time.

What strategies do you use when you have a lot of projects going on at once? Let us know in the comments!


Tools of the Trade: How the New Google Calendar App Can Simplify Schedule Management

Earlier this week, Google rolled out a new Calendar app for the Android 5.0 Lollipop mobile operating system. The app acts like your very own personal assistant, which is certainly helpful in the communications industry, given that our daily calendars are regularly filled with client meetings and conference calls.

Through the app’s “Assists” smart word suggestion, which is similar to Google Search, as you begin to enter one of your contacts into your calendar, the app will suggest those contacts listed in your phone that are similar to what you’ve started to enter. If you begin to enter a location, the app will also recognize places similar to what you type. Select a specific location, and the app will follow by adding the address and phone number for you based on what is currently listed in Google. It’s just that convenient! You won’t have to switch between apps to copy and paste information, and you’re saving time by manually entering less information into your phone.

In everyday life, we also spend a lot of time booking our events online these days – dinner and hotel reservations, concert tickets, flights, etc. – and we receive email confirmations for those bookings. The app connects to your Gmail account, and keeps tabs on the things that you purchase so that when you receive an email confirmation, the details of the event will automatically become events in your calendar. What’s even more helpful is that if you receive an email notification regarding something like a flight delay, your calendar app will notify you through a push notification on your phone and update the details that you had previously included in the app.

With the “Schedule View,” you’ll be able to scroll through your entire schedule, which includes photos and maps of the places you’re going. Whether you’re using this for work or for home, it should prove to simplify your schedule.

Check out the tutorial of the new app to see how it works. Google plans to release another version of the app for iOS users at a later date.